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Locally owned and operated, Vtraffic control is proud to serve companies throughout lower mainland. Construction, oil and gas, utility industry and road maintenance companies Vancouver and nearby cities use us to ensure their workers remain safe with proper traffic control. Our experienced, professional, and reliable staff carry all safety certifications. We are on call 24/7 for traffic control.
Arrow equipped Vehicle
Lane Closure Trucks (LCTs) hold a Flashing Arrow Board (FAB), Flashing Rotary’s & operated by a Certified TCP. Equipped with temporary advance warning signage, sign stands, 36″ traffic cones, and barricades. All LCT’s are fitted with sign racks sign stands.

Trucks are equipped with 12 (75×75) signs, 12 tri-pod stands and/or 6 (120×120) signs, 7 windmaster stands, flags, 30 cones, 10 delineators. Barricades & barrels if required.

Lane closure Technician (LC​T)
Our lane closure vehicles are the perfect solutions for job site requiring traffic diverted away from the work zone. Equipped with arrow boards, delineators, signs, stands, and all necessary equipment for lane closure.
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Equipment/ Signage
Vtraffic offers traffic equipment rentals in lower mainland and surrounded cities. We now provide electronic sign boards, electronic arrow boards, traffic barrels, traffic lights, delineators, signs, and much more as part of our traffic control package
Traffic Management plans
Professionally designed traffic management plans that help guide traffic through work zones effectively. We provide Ministry of Transportation approved TMP’s for various job sites from category 1 to 3.
Lane closing permit
A Road and Sidewalk Closure Permit is needed whenever work requires the use of City road right-of-ways. The City must grant approval before any travel lane or sidewalk be closed. To obtain a permit, an application form must be filled out and submitted a minimum of 5 business days prior to the intended closure date. Do you have any questions, email us now.
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