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V Traffic is a traffic control company operating in the lower mainland. V is a traffic management provider and Flagging and lane closure service provider. We provide unbeatable traffic management and safety services beyond keeping people safe from road construction sites.

Traffic Management Plan

We provide Ministry of Transportation approved TMPs for various job sites from categories 1 to 3. Whether you want temporary or generic traffic management plans, you can rely on us. Know More…


Our professional Traffic Control Personnel are available for day and night shifts. We have professional mid-state & highway traffic control. Know More…

Equipment & Signage

If you are looking for a traffic management and control contractor, you can count on us. Here at V Traffic, we provide vehicles equipped with arrow boards, delineators, cones, and appropriate signage. Know More…


With a mission to build the traffic industry in a professional manner and indulge everyone in the progress of city infrastructures, We invite everyone, including businesses, employees, and local citizens, to be part of this mission by working with our premium traffic control and management company.


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Why Choose Our Traffic Control Company?

We all know traffic lights are no longer sufficient for traffic management. Now it is crucial to get advanced and technical approaches to preventing accidents and traffic jams. So, if you are looking for a traffic management company in Canada, you can count on us. Still not convinced? Here are the reasons why you should consider our services for your traffic management:


Whether you want temporary or event traffic management services, we are here for you to get the job done right. With our immense knowledge and experience, you can get the best and most unique traffic management solutions.

Affordable Services

Our traffic control solutions are cost-effective and specially designed to reduce traffic and improve the safety of high-speed traffic management.

Customer Support

Need help? No worries. Our helpful and friendly customer support is always available to hear out your concerns. Whether you want a traffic management plan, certified flaggers, signs, or equipment, you can connect with us.


What is a traffic control person/flagger? What do flaggers do?

Flaggers, also known as traffic controllers, are trained to set up warning signs and barricades to slow down the speed of traffic in a temporary traffic control zone.

Do I need to hire a traffic control company?​

You might need a flagger and traffic control and management plan if your work activity impacts the following:

  • Travel lane on an arterial or collector street (for example, streets with painted lines)
  • Part-time travel/parking lane
  • Bicycle facility (for example, local street bikeways, bike lanes, shared travel lanes, etc.)
  • Pedestrian facility (for example, sidewalk, crosswalk, pathway, or greenway)

How to choose the best traffic control company in the Lower Mainland?

Your chosen traffic control and management company should have Certified and experienced flaggers or Traffic control personnel. The company should also have all the necessary supplies of suitable equipment to manage the traffic flow as per traffic control standards. If a road traffic management company is the prime contractor and applying for a traffic obstruction permit, then it must be insured with a $5 million insurance cap. This is all that makes a Traffic control business be most reliable and trustworthy!

We deliver our top-notch skilled services in the Lower Mainland, including Surrey, Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond, Delta, Langley, Abbostford, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond, Whiterock, and North Vancouver.